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Originally Posted by vegas View Post
When it comes to hull/bridge/fuel purifier implications of collapsible/demountable/drop/exterior tanks, I think many of your comments are feature requests (eg demountable treated as retained drop) or are debatable under RAW. Ships can be retrofitted with tanks, and RAW does not require changing the fuel purifier (or bridge!) to do it.
Possibly some feature request, but some are just wrong.

Bridges should not be affected by internal or external tanks, just basic hull size.

Exterior demountable tanks are handled incorrectly: they are external, so should not consume space inside the hull, but should explicitly by RAW affect drive performance (just like retained drop tanks).

By RAW ships must have a full load of fuel (which may be in external tanks). The fuel purifier must be dimensioned for all fuel tankage, so at least a full load. It's not now. I call that incorrect behaviour.

RAW is pretty clear, as far as I can see:
Originally Posted by LBB5, p22
Fuel tankage must be sufficient to contain a full load for the power plant and the jump drive. Additional tankage may be installed as an option.
Originally Posted by A5 TCS, p13
All craft must be fitted with fuel tanks during the design and construction process. The size of those tanks is determined by the fuel formulae for jump drives and power plants. ... Enough fuel for the power plant must be carried in normal fuel tanks; jump fuel and additional fuel may be carried in one of the additional tankage types outlined below.
Originally Posted by LBB5, p27
The fuel purification plant cost is based on 1,000 tons of fuel. A large ship with a large fuel tank capacity requires several plants. A small fuel tank capacity requires a fraction of the fuel purification plant shown.
I agree that if you add more fuel tankage in drop tanks or demountable tanks after the ship is designed, the fuel purifier need not be changed. Any external tanks always changes drive performance.

Originally Posted by vegas View Post
I say KISS and have the app do less as the user can impose whatever constraints they want by adding lines in the payload.
Letting the user do what he wants is great, but the app should default to RAW IMHO.

A feature request would be for an optional validation system that checks that the ship is correct by RAW, even if the user adjusts to taste. That way a player can hand his design to the Referee with a clear "Validated" mark.

Originally Posted by vegas View Post
One of your comments is wrong:The app will accept drop tanks with standard designs, but under what circumstances the application errors is unclear to me. I posted around this issue above. I think the error is hull size, but maybe it is engine related. I haven't figured it out yet as a user.
Possibly, I haven't tested all possibilities, but a few cases from 200 Dt to 1800 Dt. With no internal jump fuel, any drop tank at all combined with a standard LBB2 jump drive leads to error.

Add J-1 internal jump fuel or a custom jump drive and the error disappears.

Originally Posted by vegas View Post
The computer should limit agility to 1 below PPn, so 3 with tanks and 5 w/o tanks.
The computer draws power. Hence a ship with a PP-4 and that computer cannot have enough free power for Agility 4. See the example:

The app calculates power production and hence agility incorrectly in this case. Makes sense?
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