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When it comes to hull/bridge/fuel purifier implications of collapsible/demountable/drop/exterior tanks, I think many of your comments are feature requests (eg demountable treated as retained drop) or are debatable under RAW. Ships can be retrofitted with tanks, and RAW does not require changing the fuel purifier (or bridge!) to do it.

I say KISS and have the app do less as the user can impose whatever constraints they want by adding lines in the payload. Reasonable users may disagree. (Even if you think more fuel purifier is "required" RAW when tanks are present, perhaps the use-case is that a tanker fills retrofitted tanks with refined fuel...)

One of your comments is wrong:
Any size drop tanks leads to "We're sorry, but something went wrong." when using a standard LBB2 jump drive.
The app will accept drop tanks with standard designs, but under what circumstances the application errors is unclear to me. I posted around this issue above. I think the error is hull size, but maybe it is engine related. I haven't figured it out yet as a user.

The computer should limit agility to 1 below PPn, so 3 with tanks and 5 w/o tanks.
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