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Originally Posted by 77topaz View Post
All right, I've got a character sheet for you (just numerical chargen details at the moment, I'll add some more prosaic character information later).

Julius Tanaka

Starting UPP: 795C99 (genetic: 3446X9).
Birth date: 049-0153 PI.

Birthworld: [FARS 2022] Olam. As Hi In Na Va.
Homeworld skills:
As: Zero-G-1
Hi: Streetwise-1
In: One Trade: (Mechanic-1)
Na: Survey-1
Va: Vacc Suit-1

PRE-CAREER TERM (18 to 22 years old) (0171 to 0175 PI)
Enrol in Unbulne Naval Academy at [FARS 1425] INB Unbulne: Success.
Major: Naval Architect. Minor: Fleet Tactics.
Year 1: Success Skills: Naval Architect-1
Year 2: Success Skills: Naval Architect-2 (+1), Fleet Tactics-1
Year 3: Success Skills: Naval Architect-3 (+1)
Year 4: Success Skills: Naval Architect-4 (+1), Fleet Tactics-2 (+1), C5 (Edu) +1
UPP: 795CA9.

SPACER TERM 1 (22 to 26 years old) (0175 to 0179 PI)
CC: C4 (Int).
Enrol in Imperial Navy: Automatic.
Commission: Automatic.
Branch: Engineer.
Rank: O1 Ensign Automatic Skill: Astrogator-1
Year 1: Siege Skills: Sensors-1
Year 2: Mission Skills: Admin-1
Year 3: Patrol Skills: Computer-1
Year 4: Shore Duty Skills: Minor: Fleet Tactics-3 (+1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Success XS.
Promotion: Success Skills: Personal: C1 (Str) +1
Rank: O2 Sublieutenant.
Continue: Success.
UPP: 895CA9.

SPACER TERM 2 (26 to 30 years old) (0179 to 0183 PI)
CC: C2 (Dex).
Year 1: Siege Skills: Computer-2 (+1)
Year 2: ANM School: Success Skills: Engineer-0 (J-Drives-2)
Year 3: Patrol Skills: Gunner-0 (Screens-1)
Year 4: Patrol Skills: Starship Skill: Engineer-0 (P-Systems-1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Failure.
Promotion: Failure.
Continue: Success.
UPP: 895CA9.

SPACER TERM 3 (30 to 34 years old) (0183 to 0187 PI)
CC: C1 (Str).
Year 1: Mission Skills: Comms-1
Year 2: Patrol Skills: Astrogator-2 (+1)
Year 3: Shore Duty Skills: One Trade: (Electronics-1)
Year 4: ANM School: Success Skills: Engineer-0 (M-Drive-2)
Risk: Success (Mod: Caution).
Reward: Failure.
Promotion: Success Skills: Personal: C2 (Dex) +1
Rank: O3 Lieutenant Automatic Skill: Engineer-0 (J-Drives-3 (+1))
Aging: C3 (End) -1
Continue: Success.
UPP: 8A4CA9.

SPACER TERM 4 (34 to 38 years old) (0187 to 0191 PI)
CC: C4 (Int).
Year 1: Siege Skills: Sensors-2 (+1)
Year 2: Shore Duty Skills: Major: Naval Architect-5 (+1)
Year 3: Patrol Skills: Starship Skill: Medic-1
Year 4: Shore Duty Skills: One Trade: (Programmer-1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Success MCUF.
Promotion: Success Skills: Personal: C4 (Int) +1
Rank: O4 Lt. Commander Automatic Skill: Pilot-0 (ACS-1)
Aging: None.
Continue: Success.
UPP: 8A4DA9.

SPACER TERM 5 (38 to 42 years old) (0191 to 0195 PI)
CC: C2 (Dex).
Year 1: Command College: Success Skills: Strategy-1, Leader-1
Year 2: Shore Duty Skills: One Trade: (Mechanic-2 (+1))
Year 3: Mission Skills: Starship Skill: Engineer-1 (third receipt)
Year 4: Shore Duty Skills: Minor: Fleet Tactics-4 (+1)
Risk: Success.
Reward: Success XS.
Promotion: Failure.
Aging: C2 (Dex) -1
Continue: Failure.
UPP: 894DA9.

Roll 1: Money: Retire x2
Roll 2: Money: CR 70000
Roll 3: Benefits: C2 (Dex) +1
Roll 4: Benefits: C1 (Str) +1
Roll 5: Benefits: C4 (Int) +1
UPP: 9A4EA9.


Name: Julius Tanaka.
Born: 049-0153 PI. Died: (Still Living). Age: 42.
Species: Human. Gender: Male.
Title(s), Ranks and Offices: O4 Lt. Commander in the Imperial Navy.
Decorations: MCUF, XS (2).
Fame: 5.

UPP: 9A4EA9.
Birth UPP: 795C99.
Genetic UPP: 3446X9.
Birthworld: [FARS 2022] Olam. As Hi In Na Va.

Admin-1, Astrogator-2, Comms-1, Computer-2, Engineer-1 (J-Drives-3, M-Drives-2, P-Systems-1), Fleet Tactics-4, Gunner-0 (Screens-1), Languages: (Anglic-9), Leader-1, Medic-1, Naval Architect-5, Pilot-0 (ACS-1), Sensors-2, Spacer-5, Strategy-1, Streetwise-1, Survey-1, Trades: (Electronics-1, Mechanic-2, Programmer-1), World Knowledge (Olam/INB Unbulne*-6), Vacc Suit-1, Zero-G-1

And what is it with this crew, y'all chose to come from places while in the Far Stars are not in the Adventuring Space? I mean I'm cool with it because it does lend that air of "there's more out there" feel by having these worlds from outside the area being used. Reminds me of the old CT adventures wherein sometimes we got nothing more than a piece of UWP or a mention of worlds not yet on the starcharts.

All, in all looking good.

Now I have to figure out what to do with ya. But I am an experienced Ref so I'm pretty sure I can pull something together. So, now we need to figure you why everyone has Muster Out on Bohen...that might give me some strain but if nothing else I can go with ye old you get a tip for some work from a friend as you Muster Out at your base.
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