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Originally Posted by Vanyon View Post

Come on now, every game needs Squats! LOL..

Ok so maybe not... please no. Although Shuricats are cool in their own way. Although one Idea that would be neat would be a man portable jump generator to jump small distances on a battlefield.

<Goes off to play his 40k army>

On topic though, Although I have enjoyed what MGT has put out, I must admit that none of their products has stood by itself. Had I not had CT to use to fall back on, I would say that a lot of the new players are really not getting as decent a product as they deserve.

Is it a good game? Yes.
This must be some new definition of the word "good" that I am unacquainted with.

However it is not as good as it could be if they had just gone the (very) little extra distance to produce something that was not just 'good' but 'excellent'. This issue with the SMG and Shuricat, sorry Mag Rail Gun, are just parts of it.

Note: Yes I do understand that certain of the books are meant to be more for any sci-fi game instead of just the 3I. It still does not mean they could not have added the extra 50-100 words they needed to make the difference.
My gripe with adding shuriken catapults -- and other ridiculous science fantasy weaponry -- is that a core Traveller characteristic has been plausible weaponry. Some of it is futuristic, of course, but always plausible.

Shuriken catapults, like lightsabers, fail the plausibility test completely. Any weapon that could power a 4" spinning disk would be FAR better used to power a hail of 4mm slugs. While magic frisbees may look cool (questionable), they are not very good weapons systems (compared with the alternatives).

And if Traveller is going to be, uh, reimagined, I'd prefer that the reimaginers take the time to actually learn about weaponry, future trends, etc. You know, kinda like Marc Miller and the GDW crew did?

This is just a personal gripe, but I really find the patronizing tone of some MGT fans to be pathetically misplaced. People who actually think that a hard sci-fi, multiple Charles Roberts Award-winning RPG needs poorly disguised WH40K knock-offs seem ill-placed to patronize anyone...

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