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Default New ISW Campign started

We finally started the campaign that had been planned some time ago: (See thread on Vegans and Bwaps on Nusku

The terran confederation starship Hiccup has left Chloe Stickney highport Mars for Loki. The ship is owned by Hain Norse shipping and operated for them by Alfred Holt/Kar Gigegduduu of Nusku. The ship is contracted to Universal Import Export of London who has a contract with the colonies to deliver equipment to Loki to expand the base there.
There is a crew of four, 2 bwaps and a Vegan employed by Holt/Gigegduduu and a human employed by Hain Norse. The ships stats are a standard hero class but the deckplans are a future armada “Jo Lynn” class.
Departure was fairly incident free but jump break out at Prometheus went awry and they had to wilderness refuel and micro-jump to reach the main world. The jumped to Loki and delivered their cargo but an earthquake on take of caused them to have to make an emergency landing during which they were fired on by an alien structure. Investigations of the structure lead them to discover the blind spots of the system and by some fancy flying they reached orbit before jumping back to Prometheus.
Highlights of the session include the Vegan doctor nearly falling to his death after the weak grip disadvantage caused a slip during the descent into the pyramid and the co-pilot non-fatally shooting the captain after a critical fumble while fighting off the local wildlife.

Every one seemed to enjoy themselves and another session is planned soon.

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