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Welcome back, viewers!

Today we are at the firing range to try out this newly-minted, never-been-fired Modified Veryheavy Hunting Shotgun-6 from GunMaker app.

The manual has this to say on the weapon:
QREBS= 500+40
Effect = Bullet-15
Recoil = Hi
Loud = Loud
Flash = no
Heat = no
Vacc = Ok
UW = no
CQ= -3

Now, readers I'm too frightened to fire this monster of a weapon even at its optimal Range. It's very bulky and likely would require powered armor. Do you agree with the manual's stats? Should a Shotgun of this magnitude feature some sort of governor to keep this weapon limited in the hands of civilians?

From the firing range above Roethoeegaeaegz (Knoellighz 1726), this is the Pakkrat
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