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Default Getting back to Travelling in Traveller

We had another session last night. The crew were making their way up the main from Regina to Louzy, and from there they'll move to Jewell and into the Consulate (duh duh duh duuuuuh!).

I didn't want the whole thing to be just a narrative about going from system to system, and in character generation there was a lot of discussion about seeking a team that could operate a starship between them. There's some excellent rules for skill tests involved in space ops, but I wanted to codify them a little more so we had a process to work through.

This was partly driven by the previous campaign we'd played: The One Ring. Fantastic game, with a lot of emphasis on travelling as a group, the things that needed to be done when crossing a wilderness, and who did what.

I took the material in the MT Referees Companion to build a table as a guide, so that was all great. But, while it was fun the first couple of times, and could be used if a group didn't go very far very fast, we all agreed that it was a bit too much detail to use all the time. Save it for special/deadly occasions, that sort of thing.

So I modified it and, using the Jump Process info in the B3 p371 and some inspiration from TOR, wrote up a shorter process. We used it for a few jumps and it was a winner. I still have to come up with some mishap options, but winged it last night with flux dice modified by how badly the target number was missed on a roll. I might drop the difficulty levels (they were high as it was a single roll representing a pile of activities) but will give it a bit more play first.

Opinions? War stories? Bulls**t?
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