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["Does the Scout Service know that Lora is a psi?" that will be more of a YTU question, but from where she started, no. on her first mission she was thrown into prison on suspicion of being a witch, and there is a formal third-party note-of-observation in her record from her first tour, but nothing since then.]

["to send him some kind of psi message" yes, but she would not. at least not yet.]

if it were you wouldn't you want someone to come looking to see what happened?
Lora had been about to say something but somehow that last statement really sets her off. She leaps up, her seat falling over behind her, right into the Commandant's face, blue eyes wide, blonde pony tail dancing. She's only 5'6" but she is almost in a combat stance. "Two! I have seen six hundred," she seems to stagger over her word here, "lost and no-one came to look! Ever! Your problems are not mine and I will have no part of it!"

It's a bit awkward but she's making two signs to James. "Attack" and "me".
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