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Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
She sits thinking a very long moment, then reaches inside a pocket and pulls out a card. It's the captain's designation for the Ratte. She slaps it on the Commandant's desk.

"No. This is absurd. I am retired and this is uncalled-for. You threaten me with an accusation of treason! This abuse was supposed to end when I left the service but it continues even now. This makes me angry. No. I refuse. Take back your ship. I have had more than enough. I will find my own way."
The Commandant leaps to her feet, looking down at Lora over her desk. "I ask that you please reconsider. I expressly did NOT threaten you with treason; was simply remarking that would be the situation in wartime. You know this is part of the deal when the Service allows you to take a detached duty ship; if you are in a position to help the Service you are expected to do so, and even get paid for doing so."

"If it helps, I will add my personal request. We have two Scouts missing who were working undercover, trying to get inside the local anti-Imperial groups using standard cultural study and contact methods. They thought it might be a better approach than whatever it is that spies traditionally do; I'm sure they have those in place as well, but apparently we don't Need to Know."

"But those are two Scouts who were under MY administration, and I asked them to take these missions, and now they are missing. That's on ME, and I am asking you to PLEASE help ME get them back safe, or at least find out what happened to them. Really not much different from Scouts disappearing during any sort of covert contact; if it were you wouldn't you want someone to come looking to see what happened?"

Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
While saying this she motions to James in a manner she hopes is not observable to devices in the usual locations, giving a thumbs-up "yes" sign and pointing to herself and him, making a talking motion with her hand.
[I'm assuming out of sight of the Commandant, as her experience in contact missions has certainly included training in figuring out different sign systems.]

James looks from Lora to the Commandant and back again, giving a tentative "OK" sign while also a "???" indicating he doesn't understand current line of discussion.

[Would it be possible/difficult/easy for Lora to send him some kind of psi message more specific than the hand/facial signals?]

[Does the Scout Service know that Lora is a psi? If so I'm sure it is buried under lots of Secret, Need to Know protection, so the Commandant would not have it. But is it in there somewhere?]
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