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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Also, what is ship policy on crew weapons?

We have safe for passenger weapons to be stored, and we have some various lockers mostly w ship-defense weapons for easy grabbing when needed.

What about Gayne's gauss sniper rifle, or Henry's laser carbine, or anyone else's personal pistols, etc? Central locker, or lock them up in individual stateroom when not in use? Anyone packing heat during ordinary shipboard duties? What is the policy on that?
I think while on the ship we should carry a weapon during routine operations - especially since it might unduly alarm the passengers. However, if no passengers are on board, and/or we are heading into harm's way and know it then if it makes you feel better I suppose you can carry a sidearm, but try not to carry around passengers. You never know if one of them gets twitchy around guns and we don't need to make it easier for someone to try something stupid.

We have plenty of weapons stashed around the ship, and its not a big ship so you wouldn't have to run far to retrieve your favorite gun if a fight starts, so we don't really need to be carrying the things while working the ship.

Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post

Completely different subject, minor matter but I could see it coming up in play at some point - crew stateroom assignment.

Speak first for the stateroom you want - 12 through 19 are available now that Med Bay is moved to 20 in passenger section - also state whether you mind having a roommate or not - someone will have to as we don't have enough rooms otherwise.

OK, here are the NPCs:
Bruno and Benjamin will bunk together in 12 (assume portside turret is Benjamin's combat station).
Janna will bunk alone in 16, but wouldn't mind sharing w Donoma if hired.

Since Psgr staterooms aren't usually full, someone could use one of those when available, reverting back to doubling up in a regular crew room if we get a full load of passengers.

On your mark, get set, claim your stateroom!
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