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I would say ability to do that depends largely on location of departure and arrival. For example:

Any A or B starport with a tech of 9+ is going to require a flight plan out and require an inbound ship to adhere to a pretty rigid flight plan on arrival. Such systems could normally be expected to have many ships in them along with considerable local traffic. That means there are rules about where your ship can fly and the routes you can take. They are not going to let a ship just wander out and wander in any more that a major airport or sea port would today. A lower tech one might avoid some of this officiousness but, not once the ship lands.

Passengers would have recourse at such a port virtually immediately. If they reported unsafe conditions or poor service the port authorities probably could take action. For one they might demand the equivalent of a flight recorder. Failure to produce one might result in fines, or even impounding of the ship.
I would think such a port would board every ship for a customs inspection and likely have immigration checks and at higher law levels go through the cargo, possibly through the ship itself, and certainly check the passengers and crew carefully.

Such ports would also require that the ship's master produce his / her papers for the ship and other legal documents on arrival along with a manifest and submit to inspection.

The crew might turn in an unscrupulous master for a reward if these were regularly offered.

A ship operating illegally (smuggling, piracy etc.) would almost certainly be far more democratic with regards to the crew conditions and passengers simply on the basis that mutuny is far more likely if they get upset with the way things are going. This is historically true of smugglers and pirates.

Now, a C port would be more dicey. Some may be very strict (ie, planet has a high law level and a government type that is likely officious like a civil service bureaucracy) while others may be thoroughly corrupt and bribeable.

E and X wouldn't be a problem as there is no port as such. But, I would suspect that a ship headed to such destinations other than as an intermediate stop would be engaged in likely somewhat questionable business anyway.
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