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Default Bad Free Trader

It seems to me that there aren't many legal boundaries to the behavior of civilian starship crews aside from smuggling, piracy, and stealing the ship. As far as I can see, even murder on board the ship isn't against the law.

By and large, most traders try to keep a good reputation, as a bad reputation can travel faster than Jump-1. But in frontier zones, there may be more travellers than ships to carry them and some ships may profit by exploiting their passengers.

Some things I can think of...
1. Skimping on life support: feeding the passengers crappy food, not recharging the atmosphere enough, saves a couple hundred credits per passenger.

2. Indiscriminate double berthing: without regard to species and sex.

3. Secretly recording within staterooms: possibly for sale to shady a/v producers at starports.

4. Hidden fees: for debarkation, retrieval of passenger's cargo, etc.

None of these are activities recommended for a ship that still needs to make monthly payments. But for a scuzzy old trader on the fringes that rarely makes the same port twice and can sell middle passage for less than five grand, it may be viable.

Do the passengers have any legal recourse at all? Or do they just post a hot little note on the local Angie's List?
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