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Originally posted by RainOfSteel:

The CT:B2 and T20 speculative trade systems, run without complications tossed in by the GM, and with a good Broker skill manipulating the AVT, are a license to print Imperial Credits.
I thought that was the Forgery Skill. [img]smile.gif[/img]

In all seriousness, I have never managed to consistently get that kind of mileage out of Spec cargo. Yes you can get the good haul occasionally, but there are an awful lot of things like Grain on the list. Further it is difficult, even with a 20 ton hold, in some cases to carry a full lot.

I personally have never used an old Scout Ship as a Merchant with a Mortgage. If there was a Scout Ship it was a detached duty one. I can't see any bank giving a 40 year mortgage on a surplus Scout/Courier.
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