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Good point PBI. I found the same thing, though mind you I did my time in the primary infantry reserve in the Great White North in 87-88 time frame.

Certainly, with CotI, there exists a broad spectrum resource from which to draw for kit lists and the like for foreign military forces (ie non-US), so all that is required is a solicitation for information.

As to SF, they're a bit tricky. Different forces have very different issues. I have a friend just retired from 5th SF, but I spent a bunch of years in the airborne first. I know a former SAS Sgt, but in order to get into SAS, he had to try out repeatedly. I know of people that went into our JTF2 from other regular forces. I know a US Ranger who explained to me a little abouthow they trained and recruited. Different SF units (and probably different militaries) have very different ways of populating their force - some are available right after enlistment, others only after you have sufficient field experience. This also applies to some MOS (Royal Marine Commando Sniper for instance).
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