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Character Generation will be fairly open. As a player you will have access to many of the skills and feats, so it will be up to you. The character classes cover Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines. Special Operations classes are in limbo. They may stand as basic classes, since many of the SF career fields can be entered at enlistment. On the other hand, to become truly skilled in Spec Ops takes time, so they may end up as Prestige classes. This is where I am leaning at present, although I originally wrote them in as starting classes.

For the civilian side there is the Professional, Crafter and Emergency Services careers.

The basic skills and feats relate to modern day recruiting standards more so than the original game.

Kits are also open ended. After 5 years of fighting the Twilight War, most soldiers are outfitted significantly different than pre-war standards. Each character will get some basic gear, nothing fancy, and will have the opportunity to acquire additional equipment through the mustering out process. There is a lot of player choice surrounding the creation process.

Hope this helps.

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