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Small Starburst NUCALI: The "Space Coral" of New California.

I have a small colony world; UWP: [Artifact Hex 1101] C 310 883-8 The Republic of New California.

They are sleeper colonists from old, pre-jump Terra. So far they live underground (player surmised and it seemed sensible so I am running with it), but not much beyond that.

Mostly I wonder what they may have to trade. Right now I am running with (the name is a place holder) "Space Coral".

There is a trace of atmosphere and less than 10% free water, but there might be enough for a coral/lichen type organism. I haven't finished building the world entirely, I am leaning toward small, but dense, basically it has larger than normal metal content. I think it might make the first attempts to grow food in the native soil extremely difficult, not sure though. I am hazarding that they might also have a decent supply of radioactives, but not a geologist.

On the other hand I thought it might allow for two things, one the "Space Coral" leeches the metals forming its skeleton from the surface and below which gives individual corals unique coloring and possibly material qualities. Also it would create under the surface caves or tunnel structures. This is what our intrepid colonists used to build the first city.

If this is not too far out of whack it means that quite possibly the "Miner's Union" and the "Coral Artist Guild" fighting for control of the best metal veins.

On the Adventuring side, I think that one of the above sides has discovered the Imperial Scout Vasily Gregoravich, kidnapped him and are planning on ransoming him back to the Empire for advanced technology (the Empire is TL-B). Problem is that the local confederation of pocket empires left over from the last war of the "Old Empire" not only did not share their higher tech with the new Terran colonists, they forbade them from having those techs with out permission of the "Old Ones". The "Old Ones" have only allowed the Terrans two planets, one of which they originally landed at and another one they have been allowed to colonize (one parsec rimward of New California).

Well, that is it for now. Comments, criticisms, suggestions?

Note: This is the old Beta draft and I will need to hit BeastMaker to actually generate them. Also, some of you may not have been able to see it as I just discovered the first post was in the Moot Spire. Again, sorry about that mistake.
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