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Thumbs up DABI SALATHIEL (ex-Pathfinder Scout)

Name: Dabi Salathiel
Born: 039-0169 PI. Died: N/A Age: 26
Species: Human. Gender: Male.
Title(s), Ranks and Offices: O2 Pathfinder Lieutenant seconded to the Imperial Army
Decorations: MCUF (2), Campaign Ribbons (2)
Fame: 1 (-1 Flux, included)

Genetic UPP: 6334xx
Birthworld: Tariess [FARS 1840] Ni Tz

Skills: Engineering-0 (Life Support-0), Science-0 (Chemistry-1), Sensors-2, Survey-3, Survival-1, VaccSuit-0.


Starting UPP: B55984 (Genetic: 6334xx).
Birth date: 039-0169 PI.

Birthworld: Tariess [FARS 1840] Ni Tz
Homeworld skills:
Ni Driver
Tz Driver

SCOUT TERM 1 (18 to 22 years old) (0187 to 0191 PI)

Enter Scouts: 6-
Commission: N/A
Branch: Pathfinder
Year 1: Training - Survey-1, VaccSuit - 0
Year 2: Training - Survival-1, Engineering -0 (Life Support-0)
Year 3: Scouting - +1 End
Year 4: Scouting - Chemistry-1
Risk: Success.
Reward: No Reward
Promotion: N/A
Rank: N/A
Continue: On to Soldier
UPP: B56984

SOLDIER TERM 2 (22 to 26 years old) (0191 to 0195 PI)
CC: C3 (End)
Branch: Infantry
Rank: O1 2nd Lieutenant
Year 1: Occupation - Skill +1 Edu
Year 2: Combat - Skill Sensors-1
Year 3: Combat - Skill +1 Int
Year 4: Peace Keeper - Skill Sensors-1
Risk: Wounded, No Reward
Reward: No reward
Promotion: Success O2
Continue: Back to Scouts
UPP: B56984

MUSTERING OUT (I used Scout for both)
Roll 1: StarPass
Roll 2: +1 End
UPP: B57A94

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