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Originally Posted by mbrinkhues View Post
Short detail: The "Thieving Hill Tribes" (19th century Brockhaus about Bavarians) are actually one of the SMALLER German states. Both Westfalia and Nether-Saxony are much larger and have more population.
2300AD-era population distributions are likely to be quite different than in the pre-Twilight era--I'm curious to know more about the "Rhine Metroplex" that is the largest city in France--and a Bavaria that's at the heart of a vast interstellar empire would need somewhat of a larger population base (and perhaps territorial? maybe this is how Swabia gets reunited?).

That said, a country with a population in the 70-80 million range clearly isn't a marginal player in Europe. Presumably, quite a few people descended from migrants of this Germany have found their way to the stars. Maybe Germany could follow them?

As for the Rest: I doubt the new Germany will let the Bavarians exist, there is likely to much "bad blood" given the Bavarians "toady/leech" affair with France
That's not my reading of German reunification at all. Schumpeter seems to have taken great care to make sure that German reunification was conducted in an impeccably democratic and fair manner, not least because he needed to neutralize France. Things did go relatively worse in many of the colonies, but that might have been expected to happen. Germany might like Bavaria to join, but I hadn't thought it much more likely to pressure Bavaria than to pressure Austrovenia.

You could even get a German-Bavarian alliance out of this, even Bavarian support for a German interstellar program. If the Texans can cooperate with the Incans, why not?

IF they do allow them to exist basically Germany becomes uninteresting similar to Italy so replace all instances of Germany with Bavaria and be done with it.
I wasn't going for that. I was wondering how, in the light of those changes (no war of German reunification, no Bavarian fragmentation, no French empire) the Kafer War might have happened differently.
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