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Rather than clutter up the posting on the original LARP page. Players (and occasionally I will post details). So go ahead do a character sheet but keep your public face in the narrative format.

Eg. Character Tim Warnex UPP 7A89AD Ex Navy 1 Term
Gambling-1 Pilot-2 Navigation-1

Would be rewritten as:

Tim Warner is a bright young Noble Navy serviceman who got tired after only short time in the navy having learnt his way around a starship. But his life in the Navy introduced him to some of the seedier aspects of ships life with having lost a portion of fief in a game of Elimination Tonk.

Also, I figured that at some point we might have to engage in Combat. CT would seem to have the easier system and deadliness necessary for the LARP. Just does anyone know where a unified table (from Mercenary as well as the main book) of all weapons are (damage tables & effects of different armour). This will done on the basis of trust. Roll in private and accept ruling and play in character. We will use PMs to indicate the numbers.
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