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Got the message and respect it, moderator.

I will just say this as facts: he has taken monies for promised goods and repeatedly not delivered over several campaigns. There is evidence he has used that money to fund other things. This is not just a few disgruntled individuals - it's a whole lot of people affected by this from what I gather.

He continues to advertise goods through what is essentially junk mail towards his Kickstarter backers, and does not respond to emails sent to him. There does not appear to be much evidence that much has been delivered at all.

I remember waiting for T5 for an age, and being frustrated by it for a number of reasons (As it turns out the later delays were due to a change of address, and my mistake in updating it properly). That is sorted now, thankfully. However, the point is that even though it took over a year to sort out, at no stage whatsoever did ever question to myself the character of anyone involved in it's delivery. It simply didn't ever register - at worst I thought it was an administrative error - which it turned out to be. The communication channels were always there - even if the communication was strained at times. I cannot say I feel the same way about this case - I feel duped.
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