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Got it, ATPOLLARD. Thank you for the reminder.

I will attempt to keep all postings objective, and factual, as I always do.

Wow, ECHO, that is a rather telling article. I hadn't seen it before, nor was I aware that allegedly, all of those Kickstarters had failed:

"Whitman also stated that, even though none of the 6 Kickstarter projects have been fulfilled, he has used monies obtained in one of the 6 Kickstarter campaigns to help pay for one or more of the others".

Add that to all of the alleged non-deliveries of direct sales of the spaceship miniatures, and other stuff, e.g. DVDs for Spinward, etc., and the scandal widens further. Actual non-delivery, in the case of my spaceship order, 3.75 months after payment for the items that were listed as "shipping", on the D20 website, back in mid-June.

I inquired about whether Marc Miller is aware of this, on another thread here on CotI, due to licensing issues, and someone responded that he is.

It will be interesting to see if his awareness of these concerns will result in any changes relating to product and Kickstarter delivery performance by Ken Whitman, and/or D20 Enterainment, in relation to the licensing agreements for the Traveller name.

I certainly hope that it does have a positive outcome for people that have paid money to support these projects, and to buy Traveller miniatures.
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