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A shame to hear that about the DVDs as well.

Yes, there certainly are a lot of annoyed people discussing the lack of resin model shipments, especially after he's shown he has possession of at least the unpainted resin ships, and said they were shipping back in August.

I paid for a three-vessel set back in mid June, since the website listed them as "shipping" at that time, and there were pics of them.

It's been almost four months, and he hasn't responded to any of my e-mail requests to him for an update, and of course, no ship models sent, either.

On another thread in the TAS News section, under Resin Models, we're discussing alternatives to get him to meet his commitments to us.

Paypal now provides for a 180 day dispute window, instead of the old 30 - 60 day one.

From some of the posts I've read, he's been allegedly doing this sort of thing to people for about 20 years.

There are at least two blogs dedicated solely to him (and a number of other postings as well on other website), and his failed or mismanaged projects. See below for the links to those (and check out some of the additional postings about him in the sidebar links - they certainly are eye-popping):


I know some of you may be outside of that, so if the Paypal disputes don't work, or are no longer valid, I guess a wirefraud complaint with the FBI and US Attorney General's office may have to be the fallback plan.

Penalties for that are rather stiff, at up to a $1,000,000 fine, and up to 30 years in jail.

I suspect that might get Ken's attention.
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