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Default The Big Functionality Increases

The next two stretch goals in the Kickstarter after the iOS app add huge functionality increases.* Even if you weren't getting rewards, the value of the app increases enough to justify increasing your backing--Mode 1 (cinematic) plotting and Mode 2 (vector) plotting. Traveller Squadron Strike uses Mode 2 plotting.** By wiring in the Vertical and Horizontal Plotting grids and adding a few more screens, this upgrades the AVID Assistant from a reference tool to a nearly fully automated play aid for Squadron Strike: Traveller and the related games. It won't track Action Points for you and it won't track weapons plotting and recycle times, but those are the only things it won't plot.

It's less than $1000 to the iOS app stretch goal, so we hope that all of the Apple fans will step up for that. After that, Traveller fans will need to help carry the app forward to make it as useful as possible for Traveller Squadron Strike.

If you have questions about rewards and how they apply to Traveller fans, please ask here or on the Kickstarter.

*Building them in native apps will be a lot easier than building them in the web app, which is why we want to fund the Android and iOS apps first.

**A million Traveller fans scream, "Why Mode 1 first? In the name of Marc Miller and all that is canon, why?" Mode 1 is just a lot easier to do. And there are a lot of folks out there with the original Squadron Strike that are flying whoosh-y spaceships. Unfortunately for the legacy of Strephon, the existing user base gets serviced first.
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