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Default App Support for Traveller Squadron Strike

One of the problems with getting new players to the table for 3D game is that it can be intimidating and new players spend a lot of time wondering if they're recording their orientation on the AVID correctly. We're coming out with an app that automates changing attitude in 3D (pivoting and rolling), so that a new player can't do anything against the rules. (Frankly, it's also helpful for those who imbibe adult beverages during a game, regardless of their experience level.) For experienced players, it helps when they want to run a large number of ships because all of the attitude symbols get "rewritten" automatically.

So far, there's a web app that's been developed and the Kickstarter has raised enough money for the native Android app. The next stretch goal is a native iOS app, so we're hoping that the Apple fans get the lead out. The native apps should run faster and eliminate possible oddities with running in a browser, like weird behavior if you hit the Back button ... The Kickstarter is at if you want to watch the cool trailer of starships blowing each other up.
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