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Very nice. Here's my first design. Needs a little bit of tweaking. I also found it awkward that there isn't a display of unused tonnage, and finding the total of used tonnage wasn't obvious. It might be nice to state the amount of excess tonnage in the warning when you configure too much as well. Minor fix-ups though, I'm impressed.

UPDATE - I've revised the design since initial post. 3 Workshops aren't showing up in the ship summary. I configured 1 laser and 1 missile battery, leading to an allocation of 2 gunners, but the ship is described as unarmed. A summary of the crew requirement (roles and numbers) is really needed.

As for the design, it has 3 staterooms and 3 workshops at 4dt each as labs for scientific staff. I also doubled the pp fuel to allow for extended duration surveys. Cargo would probably be split with one 4dt special storage facility for samples, possibly capable of supporting some live specimens. I'd allow 6dt for that, leaving 15dt for regular cargo. That would be taken up by mission specific gear such as equipment for setting up a temporary research base, survey satellites, seismic survey gear, probes to be launched from the missile launcher or whatever else might be needed.
The Scout-Heavy Long Range Scout is the first unit in its class (0 actually built). It is a civilian design with a construction tech level of 14. Its 300 ton hull is of the Flattened Sphere configuration; it is streamlined and capable of atmospheric work (hull cost, including 20% discount for Flattened Sphere configuration: MCr24.0). The ship carries no armor. Fuel scoops are present (MCr0.3).

A bridge (20.0 tons; MCr1.5) and a computer model 4 (4.0 tons; MCr30.0; 2 energy points).

The ship is jump-4 (15 tons; MCr60), maneuver-2 (15 tons; MCr10.5), and power plant-4 (24 tons; MCr72). The power plant provides 12 energy points.

Fuel tankage provides 144 tons of fuel. 120 tons enables a 4 parsec jump range and a further 24 tons is sufficient for 8 weeks of operations. There is a fuel purification plant (4.0 tons; MCr0.03).

The ship is un-armed.

The ship carries no screens.

Ship's vehicles include; One Air/raft, with 4.0 ton of garage space.

The crew numbers 6. The ship carries 6 staterooms (24.0 tons; MCr3).

A cargo hold of 21.0 tons is provided.

The ship has an agility of 0; it has an emergency agility of 2.
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