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Originally Posted by BillDowns View Post
This supports LBB2, right? I don't see Drives A or B.
The algorithm is correct, new ships initially start with a tonnage of 600 ton which in Book 2 has a range of drives from C to V. In addition the starting tech is TL12 which allows a maximum jump drive of N (Book 3). Meaning the Jump Drive options are correctly filtered to be from C to N. If registered you can also see that the Free Trader and Scout have the correct drive options.

But you raise a useability problem. 600 ton and TL12 as default values are just arbitrary numbers that suited during development. Defaults that appear intuitive without having to pull the rulebook out would make more sense. I will change them to 200 ton and TL15 over the weekend.

**edit** change made 14 Mar 2015

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