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Default CT Ship Builder

Designs Book 2 ships, Book 5 High Guard ships and small craft. Also enables saving your designs and printing them out as a pdf.

The design algorithms should be correct. I have had a handful of gamers look at it and anything spotted has been fixed. If you spot a bug, feel free to either post it here or email me. At this early stage avoid big projects coding up every CT ship. The database *should* be stable, but if I break it and lose hours of your work, you won't be happy...

Changing tech level impacts several other options (eg computer, screens, weapons). Submitting the page will re-set those values. Alternatively, selecting a cell and hitting enter is equivalent to hitting submit. Auto responding to tech level changes is the next thing on my todo list, give or take any bugs that might be highlighted here over the next couple of weeks.

I have some ideas on where I want to take this, but I'm interested in your 2Cr as well. For example a better text format than the Book 2 version could be worth discussing - what would it look like?

Given feedback I've seen elsewhere I'm going to mention that I'm here to enjoy myself while dabbling in a great hobby, in good company. If you are of the view feedback is best served harsh and bitter, I will merely place you on my ignore list.

I hope you enjoy this CT Ship Builder and I hope the learning curve isn't too great :-) Feedback on that pain point will be useful too...


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