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Originally Posted by vegas View Post
PS - you can find the ethnic breakdown I referenced on p 44. of M0.
Note that T4 can be a bit sketchy in general, due to the circumstances under which it was written.

Between the M0 materials and the GT writeup on the Syleans, the percentages are probably not pure groupings in most cases, but more a measure of the ingredients in the genetic soup of Sylea. Relatively pure pockets may exist, but the longevity rules in MT's Vilani & Vargr for purestrain Vilani make it pretty clear that pretty much everyone more than a few jumps from Vland is a mutt by the time of the Third Imperium.

Almost buried genetically by the Vilani, the Syleans apparently resurged both genetically and culturally during the 1500 years of the ("real") Long Night. Similar ethnic blenderizing happened all over the former Rule of Man. 1500 years is more than enough time for the beginning state of ethnic identity to be reset more than once, and a strong Sylean identity was part of their rise to become the Third Imperium.
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