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Originally Posted by Nathan Brazil View Post
You were not specific as to what your originating system is. d20SRD is 3d6 yes? I have in the past done stuff many games even older systems like AD&D 1e and 2e

In doing conversions, you have decide how much of the old system you are translating to conform to the new system and how much of the new you are going to twist for the sake keeping some favored element of the old system. My general philosophy is to try never to use the old system's dice rolls.

Like STR in AD&D 1e/2e. Standard Human range for attributes is 3-18 with that nagging percentage STR for fighters. So I created two charts, one for STR and one for everything else.

3d6? Are you talking OSR (Swords and Wizardry), The Fantasy Trip/GURPS(sort of) or d100(BRP)?
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