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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
Ever see the old Chaosium supplement/boxed adventure Thieve's World - yes, that Thieve's World.
In it the stats and conversions for just about every major rpg at the time was given.
Yes, the original Rosetta Stone of character conversions. That was what got me started on conversion. Marc did not put in a Magic system in his write up for characters though.

There was also a product I picked up called DataCon that did side by side mapping of stat to stat. Each page consisted of a chart with a "stat" with a common evocative name, values in each column consisted of name in one system or another (e.g. Constitution, Endurance) and values incremented as rows. To convert go to page with you stat, find the correct column for your game go down the rows till you find your value and shift to the other game's column.
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