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Originally Posted by Garyius2003 View Post
1 in 36 chance of dying when the character is warmed outside of a doctor staffed medical facility is RPG drama, 30% no matter what is crazy suicide and unsupportable when you can cram people into staterooms with fast drugs for the same life support load, an almost 100% chance of living, and the same basic price.

Frozen Watch? "Gunner's Mate 2c, we are putting you on the frozen watch. Good news, you have a 60% chance of living to be warmed up." GM2 swings by the arms room, grabs a few grenades and a laser rifle and two packs, kills every single officer at the command before running for Startown to hide.

Enlisted pilots and engineers would just hijack a support freighter or Gazelle and run for the edge of the Marches.
THAT, in truth and sincerity, is the most rational thought on this topic yet exhibited.

I know nobody is getting me into a low berth other than a CERTAIN DEATH EMERGENCY.
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