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One thing that bothers me is the high risk of death from Low Passage. According to Book 2, a healthy person has to roll 5+ to survive the trip (or the equivalent of 4+ if a medic with a Medic-2 or better skill attends him), and an infirm (END 6-) person would have to roll 6+ to survive without the medic or 5+ with him. In terms of probability, without medical attention 17%, on avarage, of low passengers would die; with medical attention, 8%; for infirm persons without medical attention 28%.

Therefore, it's quite a risky way to travel; risky enough to discourage most people (and players) except for the most desperate ones to use it. It might be fitting for TL8-9 sublight colony ships (which are very risky anyway), but I think that the low berths found on so many commercial ships would be simply unprofitable if only a few people would ever opt to use them, and might even be outlawed due to the risk factor.

On the other hand I still want to retain a certain level of grit and to keep low berths undesirable for those who could afford better modes of travel (which are 8-10 times more expensive).

My general direction of thought about a solution to this issue is of a DM for higher TL low berths (+1 on TL11/12 and +2 on TL13+) as well as replacing the "instant death" result with 4D6 wounds, applied according to thje "first shot" rule. Additionally, I'll give a DM of +2 (instead of the standard +1) to passengers who had a Medic-2 attend them BEFORE entering the cryo-sleep as well as AFTER it - so healthy persons who use cryo-sleep using the "standard procedure" with modern (TL12) cryotubes usually get out well; unhealthy persons, or people using emergency and/or older low berthes take quite a risk.

So, how do you deal with this in your game/YTU?
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