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I’d argue that ‘optimising’ chargen in Traveller takes away one of the joys of the life-path system (in that you’re not meant to be designing ubermench but ‘real’ people). That said I do allow my players up to three re-rolls on stats and they have to pick which of the three arrays they liked best. I’d also put INT and EDU as the two most important stats - as they apply to a wider range of characters than DEX and ofc because of the skill limit.

Regarding utility skills it depends on the referee, the players and campaign type. I’m currently running through Pirates of Drinax with some guys who’ve never touched Traveller before. One of them was enamoured by the idea of playing a noble of Drinax. He has no combat skills (aside weirdly from Tactics (Naval) that he got via event) but is the god of social interaction. Another is a repeated failure at life because he had just terrible rolls at character creation but has a good number of medical and combat skills and has piloting and astrogation skills. The third is a decent engineer but can’t talk to anyone without swearing or calling them an idiot. The characters cover each other’s weaknesses and compliment each other’s strengths. If all of them focused on the same skillsets they’d work less well as a crew. That said while the only skill I think every character should have is vacc suit (armour for non-space campaigns and basic survival for space campaigns) I think that a well complimented ‘party’ (assuming space travel) should have a character with pilot, a character with astrogation a character with engineer, a character with electronics, and a character with broker. Stuff like gun combat and gunner tend to come from player careers anyway but astrogation is something that players should actively seek out (either career wise, through connections or through skill packages).
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