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Hello DeZrog,

I had a look at your Character Creation (Chargen) methods and I think that if the Referee is okay with vectored generation like that, then it is an excellent way to create a party with all of the "roles" filled.

One of the interesting things about Traveller Chargen, is that you never get exactly what you want. In fact most times you get something completely unexpected. Which is part of the fun of the game. Mongoose allows for "Party Skills" which allow a group to have skills that would be useful in a Traveller Campaign. So you can get that "Pilot" skill even if you are a colonist.

I recently started a Traveller campaign with three completely new players. I hadn't played the game in years so we got off to a rough start with Chargen and the players had some pretty crappy rolls. I offset this by allowing a player who has no stat higher than 9 to make any of the six stats a 9 (giving them a +1 to rolls related to that stat). It seemed to help things a lot.

I completely agree with you about Int, and Dex being the most important stats.
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