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Default May I suggest

May I suggest that everyone calm down, remain friends and work through this? This was hastily put together and enjoyed the associated enthusiasm of all concerned.

arramis seems to be flexible from what I've seen above. Let's give this an honest chance and see how much fun we can have. To me this reminds me of Traveller in the beginning in that the "rules" were simple, the universe large and no one really knew what to expect.

I don't want to know much more than how to get my character together for an adventure into the unknown.

My PC is a roamer with no roots, getting older and not much other than some experience to show for it. The war has been over, for some, a few decades ago. The Wild West isn't so wild anymore.

Time to see what this newfangled space stuff is all about and what might be on a new planet for an adventurous spirit.

So, I'll stand you boys to a few rounds and we'll sign on before we quite come to our senses?

So Badger, funny sort of name you got there, grab your saddle and get your War Bag.

Rover, great name for this little junket, them damned boxes of books look right heavy so I'll just give you a hand loading.

Come on now, all this jawing done got my throat dry.
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