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Originally posted by The Oz:
Your comment about how long a high-tech, high-pop world can hold out under attack interests me. It agrees with my own experience (when I play FFW as the Zhodani, I make sure Jewell never holds out more than two or three turns) but this conflicts with how long the JTAS tells us Jewell held out in the "actual" war.

I think what's missing are the planetary defenses, in particular the deep meson gun sites. Perhaps an additional rule is needed to include those weapons.

I personally like the idea of the "planetary siege" where a world can hold out for a long time, awaiting rescue from friendly fleets while tying down substantial enemy forces. That is the Imperial strategy as described in Supp. #9.
I think you're reading too much into the JTAS fiction, Oz. Since it's based purely on what the author thought would make a good story, when the situation is gamed out, the simulation of 'fake history' often doesn't mesh with the text.

As an aside, I've seen Jewell hold out for 5 or 6 turns with bad rolls and/or a Zhodani gamble based on skirting the edge of economy of force deployments.
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