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Default V.C.R. - Vilani Campaign Recon

Vilani Campaign Recon (VCR) Books 0-8
Lets Play Global Interstellar War!
Any writers interested?

Click link, click download button on page (github)

Book 0: Kakadan subsector (Vland)

Book 1: Kasear subsector (Vland)

Book 2: Anakod subsector (Vland)

Book 3: Shuna subsector (Lishun)

Book 4: Shuun subsector (Lishun)

Book 5: Apge subsector (Core)

Book 6: Iiradu subsector (Dagudashaag) _Subsector

Book 7: Arnakhish subsector (Dagudashaag)

Book 8: Nulisud subsector (Vland)

Comments and Critics welcome.
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