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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
If Agent is T5 based, why not just start threads there, maybe stick [Agent] in the title.
While perhaps using T5 stuff, Agent is applicable across the entire OTU from CT on. I doubt, for example, CT gamers can, or want to ignore it.

Having said that, I'm not yet sure what I think about wafer tech. On the face of it there are some wide ranging implications. For example do you need high end experience in anything when you can just hire low paid humans and rotate the personality through them. Does this fundamentally change the human experience? The Zhodani exchange free will for happiness and purpose. Does the Imperium exchange purpose and skill for mediocrity and opportunities to get ahead by voluntarily acting as a mindless host. Hmmm, does it need to be voluntary? Won't Imperial leadership eventually be supplanted by 'entities' or ghosts with centuries of experience and that never die. Lets face it, finding 12 fresh hosts a year is not a hardship for any medium to large size entity.

I'm sure this will have been thought through, but not in a non-T5 forum.
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