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Default Agent (may contain spoilers)

There is some interesting stuff in this novel and we need a place to initially explore the various ideas without spoiling it for those that have yet to purchase the novel.

I enjoyed it. It is perhaps the first novel I have read in a while and well worth the late nights. I suspect it may not win book prizes, but it read well and as a Traveller enthusiast I am more than happy with it. The finish was very open ended.

It tied together nicely a couple of OTU historical arcs and has left several others open. It also provides the specifics for why a number of OTU worlds are red zoned and details nicely some of the more obscure risks to the survival of humanity. Off the top of my head, it details at least one natural disaster coming our way and several versions of what might be described at a meta level as 'infestations' (of course humanity could be described as an infestation as well, but we like this one).

Like any good addition to a story, it answered a few story arcs and left many more to be explored.
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