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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Not so different. I don't have C&G, so I can't be certain, but...

I can extract the relevant portions of IC&EF design sequences. Or, you can build it using the core book (it's compatible, but has some extra requirements - like a bridge).

Biggest difference is crewing:
Captain (o), Pilot (p), Signalman (p) required
Trimsman (p) required if using liftwood
Engineers: = rating of largest power plant
Gunners by weapon. The ratings are the same across Soldier's Manual, core book, and Sky Galleons, tho' the overall weapons lists are not.
There are also some differences in quarters (1 ton each, the first 10 free of money charge in CB vs included, 2.5 tons per additional person in C&G. I guess IC&EF uses the C&G formula) and some additions (as lab, not being in C&G, and I guess necessary in this ship). Also C&G has no provisions for hydrogen lift nor (of course) for Ether Propellers.

One question remains though: does an Ether Flyer need to be able to reach Very High alttitude to engage the Ether Propeller?

As I said, I assume that it needs it, as Ether Propeller will not work unde 24000 feet (at Earth atmosphere), and I guess this must be (at least) very high alttitude.
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