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Originally Posted by l_c_jackson View Post
How independent are they when the Emperor has supreme power? Could they say "That's a very daring policy, Emperor" like sir Humphrey Appleby, or would they get their heads cut off?
My guess is that depends on the Emperor. Probably a new Emperor could be manipulated as Haker is by Sir Humphrey at the first episodes, but as the Emperor grow older and wiser, he becames less manipulable (also like Haker).

Anyway, I guess the Civil Service (and other services, for what is worth) used to have quite a freedom to give oppinions to the Emperor, at least under Strephon. That's why I understand Lucan cuts so many heads (literaly) when they tried to give him advice. Should they not be used to give those advices without risk, not so many would have lost his head while trying, IMHO.
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