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Originally Posted by DonM View Post
My preference would be to first remove the problem, and then after a discussion come up with a better rule. But first, we should all agree on the problem and what needs to be removed.
The whole chapter is a problem... But that particular rule really isn't, tho' it probably should be (Int+Gunnery) or Computer.

After all, most gunners will be int 7, gunner 1, and be outclassed by a Model 2... the battery PO's are likely to be Gunnery 2 and int 10... and outclassed by the Model 4. The gunnery chiefs are usually going to be in the skill 4 range, and outclassed by the Model 6...

And most military ships carry Model 7+ computers.

The Gunnery skill isn't useless, tho'. It's also used for maintenance and repair tasks. Hence why those guys actually have the skill in the first place.
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