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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
And the evidence for that is?
The Mongoose Traveller Solomani Rim supplement states that "In contrast to the Imperium, distinct cruiser and destroyer squadrons (CruRons and DesRons) don’t exist in the Confederation's Solomani Rim Fleet" (30). This is consistent with the Mongoose Traveller Solomani module, which states that "The Solomani are short of cruisers, large fleet escorts and destroyers, which in peacetime often leads to larger or smaller ships doing these jobs, and in wartime limits their options for independent raids and strikes" (39).

The Mongoose description of the Solomani Navy in 1105 is consistent with the T20 Rim War era description in Fighting Ships of the Solomani Navy, which in turn is consistent with the order of battle in Invasion Earth.

So the Solomani have cruisers, in particular heavy cruisers, they just aren't organized into CruRons, at least in the Rim.
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