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Some things concerning The Rebellion are not a conspiracy being explained or retconned in terms of foreshadowing and hindsight in official OTU books published after Megatraveller was done. As an example:

Mongoose's 1st ed Third Imperium book Solomani Rim:
Project Phoenix is a alive and well despite the caches and conspirators being found (only 83% found, not 98%). Several CruRons of planetoid configuration escorts and cruisers have been quietly jumping into Terra's asteroid and Kuiper belts for the last 40 years, then hibernating. Then there was the stockpiling of SDBs that were never found.
As of 1105, Solomani Fleet strength in the system is 3 CruRons and 4 SDB wings. So by the end of 1116, when the news hits Terra....
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