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Originally Posted by Kilgs View Post
After all, his plan all along was to create a more centralized government. That would have been impossible on a scale such as Imperium. But secession wasn't an option with a functioning Imperium... so smash the Imperium and rule Ielish as he envisioned. His plan was never to take the Iridium Throne... just keep it from stopping his own goal of an independent Ielish.
Originally Posted by jcrocker View Post
Dulinor never really thought he could seize Capital. Why else would he spend so much time stacking the Ilelish Fleet with hard-core loyalists?
This may be the case. I will have to go review the sources, but IIRC years before Hard Times Dulinor was already officially calling his realm The Federation of Ilelish. By Hard Time the only factions claiming to be the Third Imperium were Norris, Lucan, and Margaret.
At least until Arrival Vengeance.
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