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Archduke Brzk was assassinated by agents sent from the Empty Quarter. They hated a Vargr Archduke that claimed their Sector as part of the Domain of Antares. And oh look, he's right next door, having dinner with his family and closest confidantes on Cerise Station in Antares in 1129.

Empty Quarter also feared the wrath of Lucan for Brzk's efforts to unite the League of Antares, his Domain, the Julian Protectorate and everything in-between since that stinking Ovaghoun Noble learned in 1118 that the Moot would never ratify a non-Human as Emperor.

And just how does a Vargr generating Charisma with one Die manage to keep a Noble title anyway? Brzk, his father, grandfather and ancestors back to Arbellatra - all won the Charisma lottery

It was the Empty Quarter.
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