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There's plenty of mentions of them, Doctor. Computer technology is one of those running jokes amongst Traveller players that never really gets old.

As Malenfant obliquely pointed out to you, computers are a joke in Traveller. If you look at their size, weight, cost, and power consumption as compared to what they can do, one can only conclude they're still using COLOSSUS, ENIAC, and UNIVAC in the 57th century. Case in point, according to the TNE rulebook (that I happen to have in front of me) a Suleiman-class Scout ship (the infamous flying wedge ship) has three TL15 (oooh ahhh) computers to handle flying. Each of these require 0.55 Megawatts of power each.

0.55 Megawatts. Holy cow.

Obviously, Grandfather pinched off a pocket universe to develop the Commodore PET, a vast computing milestone that humans in the 57th century couldn't even imagine. Grandfather's children never had a chance, still using those Altairs...

In other words, if you're making or fleshing out the Traveller Universe, feel free to plug in whatever computer technology you wish.
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