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After ~3 years on my shelf, I've finally taken a close look at GT Far Trader, mining ideas for my ever-in-progress House Traveller. Rating cargo and passenger prices per parsec rather than per jump is eminently sensible and will definitely be adopted, but I'm confused/curious how the given 'average rates' were arrived at, specifically wrt passengers: at Cr1750/parsec for Middle Passage, a jump-1 free trader dare not take on commercial passengers, as life support costs (per CT/MT) will cause it to LOSE Cr250 per passenger per trip.

Now, figuring this couldn't possibly be the actual case, I assumed GT uses different (i.e. significantly lower) costs for life support, but can't actually find reference to such anywhere (having done a more-than-cursory search through both FT and the GT rulebook). So what gives? Am I missing a reference, or does this system just give the royal shaft to j-1 merchants (and if so, on what justification -- after all 2 decades of Traveller canon have shown j-1 merchants as being VERY common, and they can't ALL be operating at a loss)?

Sorry if this has been asked and/or answered many times previously. In such a case please feel free to just point me to an archive listing.
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