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Question Clarifications requested

Originally Posted by Magnus von Thornwood View Post
*Stunners being non-lethals such as sleepy gas or tasers or neural disruptors.
As Frank's career in law-enforcement would include some education on available non-lethals at various TLs:

Sleepy Gas: Is sleepy gas (in form permissable as LL6 "stunner") available in any sort of gun such as The Green Hornet's gas gun (little pellets that popped gas, IIRC)? Do sleepy gas grenades count as LL6 stunners? YES. If neither of the foregoing, I'm at a loss - what form of sleepy gas delivery is available? Something like Walt Boyd's concealed-sleep-gas-projector-in-electric-lighter, in Four Day Planet?

Tasers: Are these only the TL7(?) variety firing darts connected to the gun by wire? YES. Or has TL15(?) advanced to the point of using a low-intensity, non-destructive, laser to ionize a path through the air and let the knockout zap follow that path? IMPORTED WITH PRICE HIKE. GURPS calls such a taser an electrolaser, and although I'm too lazy to go look it up (those books are upstairs, ouch!), I'd think that if such an idea would actually work, it ought to be at no more than TL9 or 10 by Traveller standards.

Neural disruptors: Stunner version is limited to non-lethal energy levels, I reckon? YES.

Oh, yeah, and what about all of the shock sticks, shock-knucks, etc available in SF literature (if not in RL; I really don't know) as equivalents to the current misnamed "stun-gun" that isn't a gun at all but looks a bit like an electric shaver that could give you a Big Surprise (ObRef Paul Reiser/Buchman FTW)? Surely those are all stunners, even if they are also handy in melee combat? WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE PROHIBITED. CONSIDERED PROVOKING.

Originally Posted by Magnus von Thornwood View Post
Additional information has been entered into the Sandbox entry for Bohen. This includes some info on transportation.
Hmm. The bits on the Banner's limo are still there, but the New Info is all about taxi-equivalents, so even though you didn't answer my question about what the Invitation actually says about getting to the Banner's ranch, the New Info implies we're supposed to be going by grav-taxi.

So, there goes our opportunity for Julius and the two Scouts to meet when picked up by the limo. YEPPERS, THE INVITE WAS INFORMAL BY WAY OF RECOMMENDATION FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE.77topaz, I guess of the available options [see OOC; news had faces altered, and Frank ain't wearing that name tape on his shipsuit!] we are kinda down to "Julius and Frank were vaguely acquainted sometime in the past, and Julius has a good memory for faces."

Originally Posted by 77topaz View Post
'Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to be Frank Masuda, would you?'
So I'll grab that line you tossed and we'll get Frank and Julius face to face! (Now where in Gehenna is Dabi?)
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