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So, I'm not really too happy with the ending for my latest offering. For those in the know, YES, I did have plans to exhibit damage from a creature that had been clawing at the ship a-la the Twilight Zone...I begged off because I didn't want to get dinged by the mods, and, more importantly, to me, that is my personal objective, is to do away what Dr. Sagan used to call the "demon haunted world" (linky; A good ghost story is a good ghost story, but one of the few positive things to come out of television in the 1970s were the shows and cartoons for kids that showed how fraudsters, hucksters, con artists, and just plain criminal scum bags used things like supernatural phenomena to rip off people; i.e. shows like Scooby Do, Spirit of Seventy Six, and a host of others.

It's one of the reasons I'm such an avid classic Star Trek fan, and why I really miss that show and others like it. And so when I had Richard Aston just beat Roy and render him senseless with a couple of choice blows, I winced a bit and rethought the ending.

I'm going to leave it stand for now, but I actually have a better ending in mind ... eh, one that may or may not include the classic TZ ending, or something TZ-ish or TZ-like

Anyway, there is a distinct lack of "Ghost, you botched this" or "Ghost, I don't get that" here, but, whatever. I'm not too defensive about what I write ... unless it's about Kirk and Spock era Trek, dag-nabbit

I thought of including one of those Orange blob four-legged thingies from the whispering space sector, but that's a fan creation and I have no experience with them. Likewise tossing in a Hiver would've been nice, but I've almost zero-experience with their kind.

Oh well.

Either way, thanks for reading my stuff
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